Hockey is who we are.

Freshly sharpened skates slicing across the sheet of ice. The roar of the crowd as your team celebrates the winning goal. From frosty nights of backyard shinny and pick-up games with friends at the local arena, to our favourite team and home-town legend – we all share memories involving hockey.

Our game plan

Highest quality fuel
PowerPlay gasoline fuels meet the high standards of TOP TIER™ detergent gasoline.

Breakaway to play™
Our community commitment is the foundation of our brand. That’s why we contribute a portion of fuel sales to a local minor hockey association.

Unique, friendly, and clean
Our modern hockey-themed gas station and friendly staff will make it a memorable visit.

The Values We Share Make a Difference

Breakaway is proud to support our passion for hockey and the values it champions; excellence, teamwork and fair-play. We aim to capture the heart and imagination of every hockey enthusiast with our hockey-themed gas stations. A regular fill-up becomes a special experience for kids, families and fans alike.

We take immense pride in being a great neighbour. Our Breakaway to Play program supports local minor hockey organizations in our communities with a portion of SALES proceeds donated from every Breakaway FUEL purchase.